In the process from idea to the business plan and the prototype, ITU Cekirdek provides the necessary training programs and mentorship sessions for entrepreneurs to help them become successful business people.

During the acceleration stage, entrepreneurs receive more than ITU Cekirdek 25 hours of hands-on business and entrepreneurship training on business plan development, marketing and finance etc. to develop entrepreneurs for their own projects with the help of mentors. In addition to that, startups can also benefit from ITU Cekirdek partners in cloud, payment infrastructure and accounting domains.

CEKIRDEK Entrepreneurship Training

Entrepreneur groups that are accepted to ITU Cekirdek, will be provided the necessary education to be a successful entrepreneur company thru weekday evening and weekend. Courses. Because of the “KOSGEB Applied Entrepreneurship Training” certificate within CEKIRDEK MBA program, Cekirdek entrepreneurs may benefit from KOSGEB funds.


100.000 TL R&D Fund

There is a 100.000 TL worth R&D fund pool created for entrepreneurs accepted to ITU Cekirdek Pre-incubation which is to be used for the development of their prototypes (experimenting and raw materials) so that they can proceed without having problems in the business development process.


ITU and ITU ARI Teknokent(techno city) Network

ITU Cekirdek is situated on ITU's Campus which is well-known for the presence of a strong academic staff and a large collection of R&D companies boasting advanced technology. Introducing ITU Cekirdek entrepreneurs as ITU supported companies, projects or people, reinforces their reliability and institutionalism.


ITU's Strength

Within a dynamic scientific environment on the campus of a world-class university like ITU Cekirdek entrepreneurs have all the necessary infrastructure and super structure opportunities to develop innovative R&D projects   ITU’s scientific atmosphere is a powerful inspiration for entrepreneurs.

Powered By ITU

Consulting Services in Professional Area

Involves professional guidance and basic consulting services for successful entrepreneurs who took their first step into business life after being accepted to ITU SEED.


Tailor-made Mentors for Entrepreneurs

It is the mentorship approach undertaken by successful and experienced people. They know  the  specific abilities, capacities and goal-setting skills which are necessary in order to be a  successful entrepreneur and their aim is to help entrepreneurs by providing insightful tips.


Press, Public Relations and Communication Consulting

There is a professional public relations company who manages the media: television coverage and newspaper and magazine interviews. They assist ITU SEED's entrepreneurs with their advertising activities.

CEKIRDEK Menagement