Big Bang

Big Bang provides the synergistic and collaborative model with which entrepreneurs can obtain the financial support they need to implement their projects under competitive rules.

ITU Cekirdek Big Bang is organized to finance ITU Cekirdek entrepreneurs when starting their businesses after developing their business plans during the preincubation and accelerator stages. ITU Cekirdek Big Bang event brings investors and entrepreneurs together to deliver on-stage presentations in order to receive a portion of the TL 5 million total seed capital. The event also provides a medium for entrepreneurs to meet the press, stakeholders, investors and customers and to build a business network. 

Showcasing technology ventures, Big Bang makes entrepreneurs the focus of investors and funds.




The Contest is held for financing entrepreneurs in corporatization. Contestants who pass the first cut are expected to make a business plan and develop their projects during Pre-incubation and Acceleration periods. Also, ITU SEED Contest is a simulation atmosphere that prepares accepted entrepreneur groups to real business life.

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Big Bang