ITU Cekirdek provides the enabling infrastructures and services for entrepreneurs primarily to develop their ideas into a project/product/service towards commercialization.

Entrepreneurs can use ITU Cekirdek the 800m2 Preincubation area located in ARI 3 Building at ITU Maslak campus as  an office, to develop their prototypes. Entrepreneurs make their business plans and receive free training, mentorship and consultancy services during the preincubation.

Central Location at the Heart of the Businesss Life

ITU Cekirdek Center is located in ITU ARI Teknokent ARI 3 building on İstanbul Technical University’s campus which has an impressive technical and scientific environment and is centrally located thus easy to reach via public transportation. The fact that the Maslak area is the business focus point of İstanbul provides a huge advantage to ITU Cekirdek.

All necessary infrastructure and super structure opportunities that are needed for entrepreneurs’ innovative projects are available in this scientific environment.


Full Equipped Work Place

Entrepreneur groups that are accepted to ITU Cekirdek have the right to use the
Pre-Incubation Center until the ITU Cekirdek Contest is finished. The Pre-incubation office is the general name for the physical space that has all the equipment that entrepreneurs could need while working on their ideas and projects.


Free Technical Infrastructure

Entrepreneurs will be able to focus on work without thinking about some of the extra expenses of running a business: electric bills, water bills, internet bills (all utility bills) are included. Phone, fax machine and photocopy services are also provided without charge and kitchen facilities are available to all entrepreneurs.


CEKIRDEK Laboratory

Basic engineering equipment is provided to assist all entrepreneurs in accomplishing their projects within ITU SEED Laboratory. The Laboratory zone has basic engineering R&D equipment and new equipment may be provided if needed by entrepreneurs.


Rest & Fun & Thinkg Zone

This area provides a fun and creative environment.  The synergy and creativity opportunities for entrepreneurs supports project development and entrepreneurship spirit as well as innovative group work.


What are we doing?

Entrepreneur groups can assembly their inter group meetings or meetings with investors, trainers and mentors in ITU SEED Assembly Hall. At the ITU SEED Hall, that has a 40 person capacity, Çekirdek trainers transfer their knowledge and experiences to the entrepreneurs.

Conference and Meeting