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About Project

Developing solution-focused robotic platforms, NextHorizons develops adaptable products for various tasks such as fire fighting, screening / destroying underground explosives, interfering with suspicious objects. The platform consists of three robotic product groups: Degu, Honey Badger and Snow Leopard. The line is aimed to make the processes such as mine screening, escorting, fire extinguishing as independent as possible from human intervention, thus making those processes safer for the people. The project has applied for a patent for over six features such as mine destruction, it’s portable structure and self-management, etc. Robots can supply part of their power need from solar panels.

Since the Snow Leopard offers full autonomy, it can be said that there is no equal product on the market. The robots in the market today almost do not have discernment ability. In addition, these products demand training, they are heavy and cumbersome in their duties. As a result, handmade explosives are still the most important threat to security forces today. The sectors are still desperate for the extinguishment of the fire at the beginning.

Degu come into prominence with it’s portability and durability to water and impact, high confidentiality, long working time and ease of use.

Honey Badger M come into prominence with it’s portability, ease of use, effective range, and developable design.The robot can be carried in the form of a backpack, so the duration of preparation for operation is low compared to other counterparts. In addition, the robot can be customized to the extent it’s abilities that it can not be found on any other unmanned ground vehicles on the market. Converting the vehicles pallet system from hard terrain to asphalt can be done in a very short time like 1 to 2 minutes with sockets. 

Snow Leopard come into prominence with discernment ability, ease of use, developable structure, and advanced cybernetic interaction.

NextHorizons is aimed to offer various unmanned solutions such as detection / destruction of mine / hand-made explosives without loss of life and property, control of fire in forest / critical facilities and  discovery / surveillance in earthquake regions and dangerous terror fields where it is risky for humans to interfere.