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About Project

TARSUS Inc., manufactures TARS to aid industrial data acquisition and analysis needs by Industry 4.0 standards and recent technologies.

TARS can be utilized for; resource and asset management, labor security and production performance monitoring without the need of human resources. Besides it has applications for smart cities, retail warehouses, mining fields, electricity and water grids, irrigation canals, factories, assembly lines, robotics and autonomous cars.

TARS does not require grid electricity and can harvest data at any distance. It transforms the gathered data to be trackable even on mobile phones conveniently. It is built with an IP-65 certified water and dust proof enclosure. Its batteries are designed to endure at least 2 years in the field with up to 6 measurements per day.

TARS differentiates itself from its competitors with its;

  1. Ease of use and integration
  2. Ultra-Low power consumption which leads to longer battery lives
  3. Interconnected swarm intelligence that can resolve complex industrial needs

Industrial optimization can be achieved using our machine learning, data mining and artificial intelligence routines without the need of human aid. TARS is able to learn the patterns of the measurements in time and can be able to warn the factory operators in before the incidents or failures happen. Hence, expensive machinery, hardware and/or assets can be maintained predictively preventing huge expenses and insurance fees caused by late diagnosis.

According to GE Digital, investment in the Industrial Internet of Things will reach $60 trillion by 2030 with over 50 billion assets—machines, equipment, turbines, rolling stock etc. connected to the Internet. $60 trillion is a massive number, but if you think about the surface area potential for the Industrial Internet of Things—aviation, transportation, power, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, mining, oil, water, wind—and how much those sectors mean to the world economy, the number may not seem so far fetched. TARSUS Inc. fulfills this mentioned need in the market with its products manufactured considering Industry 4.0 standards.