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About Project

WalkOVR is world’s first addaptive, high friction & flat locomotion platform that allows users literally use their body to move naturally & freely in Virtual Reality.

WalkOVR solves three problems:

-nausea and motion sickness,

-incomplete immersive experience in VR,

- infinite movement space for VR.

VR users experience VR technology with gamepads, keyboards or ,at best, with new generation room scale controllers. In reality brain can not be tricked. Legacy controllers, since your brain knows you are physically sitting, can not emulate the real body. You move in the game, you see it but you don't really physically move with a gamepad. Therefore at the end you feel nausea and motion sickness. WalkOVR lets VR users literally move their body; walk, run, crouch or jump. With WalkOVR you don’t feel motion sickness.

WalkOVR also provides you an infinite space of movement; which can not be even provided by new generation motion controllers like HTC Vive’s or Oculus’. Because they are still limited to room and your room walls. If you use gamepad or keyboard you have to sit. If you use HTC Vive controllers or Oculus controllers you have to keep yourself in a circle. If you use WalkOVR, then you are free; ready to play most of the games with your own body, not with a gamepad.

“WalkOVR changes the game play”.

How WalkOVR works?

WalkOVR is a two pieces hardware, combined with a lower and upper part.

The lower part of WalkOVR is world's first addaptive, high friction & flat motion surface. It lets you move freely, walk, run, crouch or jump but at the same time you do not slip on the surface. This is one of the major competitor advantages as all of our competitors work with a slippery surface; in which you eventually skate not walk.

The upper part is the stabilizer for user's body. It is mounted and by a wearable harness stabilizer keeps the users safe and central, prevents them change their real life location. Therefore even if you walk, run in real life, your place is not changed. Logic is similar to a treadmill.

Both the upper and lower parts use sensor technologies to track your movement in real life and transform them into virtual movements at a gaming level transmission. Does not matter if it is your desktop PC, PS4, XBOX or Android Smartphone as a google cardboard. All happens wireless.